The Design – NoLimits 2 to Solidworks


The XYZ Coordinates are exported from NoLimits Coaster Simulator into Microsoft Excel for scaling. After scaling the points are then imported into Solidworks as curves that will then be modeled into track pieces.


Th Final Design:


The Finished Product:

The train design consists of a six car train connected with lego universal joints and ball bearings. The running wheels, upstop, and side wheels are M3x8x3 ball bearings. The following image shows the front five cars of the first iteration of the train design.

Train V1 (first five cars) in station position

The station houses a working gate system and restraint mechanism per train car. Each car has its own servo motor integrated into the track structure to release the passenger restraints.


Electronics – Arduino

The electrical system of the coaster was controlled by an Arduino Mega powered by a 12V PSU. The logic was programmed withe Arduino IDE.

The Build – 3D Printing and Assembly

Track pieces being bolted together similar to real coaster construction. This first track iteration caused too much vibration as the train moved along the 3d printed rails. The second iteration of the track design incorporated butyrate tubing that was then glued to the cross ties.


The support structure was built with dowel rods that were glued to 3d printed interfaces. The structure would then hold the track in place.

The latested build of Invertigo incorporated Butyrate tubing that was glued together with J-Clamps. These clamps provided support while the glue was setting in place.

Track Version 2 awaiting to be assembled

Test Verification – Running the Train

Testing the train with the Invertigo program took some time to develop and then debug. Testing took place daily until the final sequence was perfected.

A POV drone camera can be mounted into a variation of the train car. The following video shows a full run through with the camera mounted.

Completion – Final Photoshoot


Build Invertigo with a 3d Printer

Follow the link below to MyMiniFactory to download all the track, support, and train .stl files to build your own working model roller coaster!





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